Release: “Himawari Ichiga” by Wakana Hanabi

Chapter 3 of Wakana Hanabi’s tankoubon “Hatsukoi to Fellatio to Seiin”.

A joint release with Flatopia. Check them out at!


Edit: While reviewing things I noticed I had overlooked a single moan bubble on page 65 and left it blank. It’s a fairly insignificant detail, but for the people who care here’s the fixed version of the page: [click] (NSFW)

Translator: Nandeyanen
Typesetter: freudia
QC: AoC, Palaxius, Patamon

[Wakana Hanabi] Himawari Ichiga [English] [Flatopia + Team Koinaka]
[稚名はなび] 向日葵一芽 [英訳]

Download: mega
Read Online: Pururin | Fufufuu | Fakku | ex


2 comments on “Release: “Himawari Ichiga” by Wakana Hanabi

    • Thank you (and congratulations on taking our comment virginity)!

      When I saw the story originally published in COMIC Potpourri Club 2014-01, I took an immediate liking to the art and Manatsu’s design (so cute!). Unfortunately, the right margin was cut off on several pages–severely enough that some dialogue was missing. I later found out that Flatopia was also interested in the same story, but passed on it for the same reasons.

      As soon as I knew Wakana Hanabi had a tankoubon coming out, I jumped on the chance and imported it, and suggested to Flatopia that we work on the story together; that’s how this joint release came to be.

      Sadly, there’s not much recent work from Wakana Hanabi. The “Hatsukoi to Fellatio to Seiin” tankoubon is composed of three stories from 2011, this one, and the rest of the material is from 2003~2004 (the drawing style changed quite a bit, to say the least)! Fortunately, the artist wrote “I’ll try to get the next book out more quickly!” so I think we can expect to see more works from him in the future!

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