Release 012: “Teach Me, Sensei Extra Chapter -When The Teachers Were Young Too-” by Hiro Kazuki

A prequel to the first chapter of Hiro Kazuki’s tankoubon “Oshiete Sensei♡ (Teach Me, Sensei♡)”, although it can be read standalone as well.

Hyousaki Sae discovers Wakamori is about to transfer to another school, and it provides an opportunity for her to convey her feelings to him.


Translator: freudia
Typesetter: hihohahi
Proofreader: celltf

[Hiro Kazuki] Oshiete, Sensei Bangaihen -Sensei-tachi mo Wakakatta- (COMIC Penguin Club Sanzokuban 2013-06) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[比呂カズキ] 教えて先生っ 番外編 「先生たちも若かった」 (COMIC ペンギンクラブ山賊版 2013年6月号) [英訳]

Read Online: ex | e-h

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