Release: “After School Present” by saitom

Due to various reasons you will not find a read online or download link here.

This clears out our WANIMAGAZINE backlog. We will no longer translate works published by them.


Translator: freudia
Typesetter: freudia

[saitom] Houkago Present (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2014-08) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[saitom] 放課後プレゼント (COMIC 快楽天ビースト 2014年8月号) [英訳]


3 comments on “Release: “After School Present” by saitom

    • Thanks, glad you liked it!

      It’s a shame that we (as a group) will no longer translate saitom’s magazine work, but I personally will continue to. This is by far my favorite magazine story of his that I’ve worked on so far–Honban Please! was nice but I felt it was missing a certain important detail, and Hajimete no Kokuhaku was essentially rape.


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