Release 029: “Heart-Pounding Doting Lesson!” by Ootsuka Reika

Happy Turkey Day!

A joint release with Flatopia. Check them out!


Translators: Nandeyanen, freudia
Typesetter: wavedash
QC: Patamon

[Ootsuka Reika] Dokidoki Dekiai Lesson! (COMIC LO 2014-10) [English] [Flatopia + Team Koinaka]
[大塚麗夏] どきどき☆溺愛レッスン! (COMIC LO 2014年10月号) [英訳]

Download: mega
Read Online: Fakku | ex | MD

6 comments on “Release 029: “Heart-Pounding Doting Lesson!” by Ootsuka Reika

  1. thanks for the release! might want to get a few more QCers fluent in english. Nobody would say “we are going to go somewhere so get out your car” for example.

    • Thanks!

      I wasn’t sure about the best way to word “車出して” (literal: take out [the] car) so I just wrote down “get out your car” and nobody seemed to think it was an issue and it ended up in the final thing. Oh well.

      I expected people to change other lines, and they didn’t. I doubt it’s so much an issue of English fluency but rather the fact that people let things slide when they sound passable enough.


    • Oh yeah, sorry. I meant to do this sooner, but a link is up now. This version is the tankoubon re-edit by CustomX, so there’s less censorship.

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