Release 032: “My Little Sister In The Summer” by Nishikawa Kou

Little sisters are the best.


Translator: Sliggoo
Typesetter: Palaxius
QC: ProperRooster, Kyoraku, freudia

[Nishikawa Kou] Natsu no Imouto (Comic Megastore 2013-01) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[西川康] 夏の妹(コミックメガストア 2013年1月号) [英訳]

Read Online: Fakku | ex | e-h

7 comments on “Release 032: “My Little Sister In The Summer” by Nishikawa Kou

  1. Hell of an attack they use on another…. Mhmm, that color contrast she employed with devastating effect~

    Nay, it’s about older sisters! Kekekeke….


  2. Thanks, but I really wish you could provide some download links. Or at least an online reader that people can view without registering. I’m a bit tired of watching sad pandas, and unavailable messages.

    • Sorry. I meant to write an exhentai guide in the “Guides” section, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Note that you can manually change an exhentai link into a g.e-hentai link by replacing the “exh” part of the URL with “g.e-h”. We also upload our releases to Fakku, albeit later.

      I’ll look into how to set up an online reader. In the meantime, we’ll try to provide DDLs from now on.

      • Thanks a lot :):)
        Part of the problem is that if I use the g.e-h link, I get this message: “This gallery has been removed, and is unavailable.” No idea why, but it’s often like that…

        • If a gallery is tagged with certain content (i.e. lolicon, shotacon, bestiality), it is “fjorded” and can only be viewed from exhentai. To the best of my knowledge, the galleries which I’ve provided g.e-hentai links for are not fjorded.

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