Release 044: “Bind Me, Love Me Ch.4” by Katase Minami

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Is there anything more romantic than putting a collar on the person you lov–I mean, ahem. The series is almost done; one extra chapter to go. We’ll provide a batch DDL when it is complete.


Translator: Crystalium
Editor: Palaxius
QC: Crystalium, celltf, Cadenza

[Katase Minami] Shibatte Aishite. Ch. 4 (COMIC Anthurium 014) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[カタセミナミ] 縛ってアイして。 第4話 (comicアンスリウム 014) [英訳]

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7 comments on “Release 044: “Bind Me, Love Me Ch.4” by Katase Minami

  1. Its like Nana to Kaoru except they actually copulate and admit their feelings for one another! Genius!

  2. As a BDSM-lover who enjoys ero-manga, I find that most of the time I’m overwhelmed by these contrived scenarios that usually involve hard rape and netorare. Some of them can be quite nice, and the more imaginative ones are usually very hot, but it always has this sort of detachment from reality to it.

    This was a welcome break from all that. Instead of yet-another-kidnapping where the captors break the girl into being a total relentless slut, we see a pair of budding BDSM enthusiasts exploring some delicious, kinky bondage. And what’s even better, they spend all the time they aren’t screwing (and much of the time they do) being unbelievably sweet and lovey-dovey.

    This hit all the right notes. Not only did I cum hard, but I also ended up feeling warm and happy, just like any session that finishes with proper aftercare. None of the faint feeling of sickness that comes after one of the more brutal ones; only pure positive energy. Thank you guys so much for finding this gem of a manga, and I can’t wait for the final installment!

    P.S. Great typesetting! It really contributed to the experience, especially on pages like 96 (the one where Natsume is lusting super-hard over cock).

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