Release: “Stamina Toughness?” by Hanafuda Sakurano

Ken’s stamina sucks, so the other members of the soccer club ridicule him. He thinks that abstaining from having sex with his girlfriend Shizuku will help him save energy, however…

Chapter 2 from Hanafuda Sakurano’s tankoubon “Yui Koi” (結恋-ユイコイ-).


Translator: Noraneko
Editor: Hauu
Quality checker: Cadenza

[Hanafuda Sakurano] Stamina Toughness? (Yui Koi) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[花札さくらの] スタミナタフネス? (結恋-ユイコイ-) [英訳]

Download: mega
Read Online: Fakku | ex | e-h

4 comments on “Release: “Stamina Toughness?” by Hanafuda Sakurano

  1. Thank you!

    Btw… what about “Momoiro Otome Irony” by Momonosuke? Is it no longer planned? It disappeared from your projects.

  2. Shizuku was cute ^^ Looks like I have a new artist to add to my favorites. Thank you very much:)

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