Release: “The Sarashina Bloodline” by Kouda Tomohiro

A wacky story by Kouda Tomohiro about a guy who learns from his parents about a, uh, weird secret to his family’s bloodline. The last page makes me wish there were a sequel to the story.

Chapter 10 from Kouda Tomohiro’s tankoubon “ComeCome Selection” (コメコメSelection); originally published in COMIC AUN 2014-09.


Translator: MeownsterHunter
Editor: Manchewable
Quality checkers: Cadenza, freudia

[Kouda Tomohiro] Sarashina-ke no Ketsumyaku (ComeCome Selection) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[幸田朋弘] 更科家の血脈 (コメコメ Selection) [英訳]

Download: mega
Read Online: ex | e-h

4 comments on “Release: “The Sarashina Bloodline” by Kouda Tomohiro

    • Yeah. In the afterword of ComeCome Selection, Kouda Tomohiro wrote that he didn’t have plans to continue the story, so he provided a drawing of the mystery girl naked instead.

      There was nearly a year-long gap between the last story in ComeCome Selection (originally published in AUN 2014-10) and his most recent magazine work (AUN 2015-09). Since he may have resumed doing magazine work, I suppose a sequel is always possible, but I think it’s pretty unlikely.

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