Misc: Fakku

Just a quick notice, but all Fakku links are now down as the site removed all unlicensed scanlations at the end of 2015. I am striking them out as I speak, but there’s quite a few of them so it may take some time. and I’m done.

6 comments on “Misc: Fakku

  1. This movement was expected. Since Wani partnered with Fakku, letting scanlators translate and publish manga, but only for other companies could and should have angered people at Akaneshinsha, Core Magazine, etc.

    It’s like Marvel comics letting people upload comics from DC.

    • I agree it’s the right thing for Fakku to do. They profited from a ready-made audience for their publications thanks to scanlators, continued to draw people to their site thanks to scanlators, and zealously took down scanlators’ work if it broached Wani territory. Now they have to swim or sink on their own merits.

      • You know… i couldn’t have said better than you did. Exactly for what you said it’s the reason i’ll never support Jacob.

  2. Was really funny when they started blocking tags deemed to be triggering of course at first they swore it was just a glitch and that they weren’t planning on blocking or taking anything down until out of nowhere this “glitch” came back and they announced their plans to become Cuckku which included hiding dastardly triggering content.

  3. Having the Struggle to find any legitimate Vanilla content without having the thought of being restrained by lots of hidden Doujins that I might’ve missed in Fakku since its new system is a huge frustration to me (I need to wind off with something cuddly from time to time). Discovering this site is like finding a light at the end of a tunnel, because seeing as that there are still scanlators (that almost act like freedom fighters har har) that still produces really straightforward content for readers is a real satisfaction for me and I thank you guys for that.

    Its embarrasing that I posted something late to a post that was made a couple of months ago but making this comment would seem to be on topic to the post itself would be appropriate. Doubt that most of the staff would read this anyway (Guess Providing Internet history is fine hehe) even so, I posted it anyway.

    Again, I appreciate you guys are sill making straight content that I love and keep doing it! I wish there was a way to support you guys! Thank you very much!

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