Release: “Quiet Obsession” by Aoki Kanji

Just as planned.

Chapter 1 from Aoki Kanji’s tankoubon “Sayonara, Oppai”. We’ll be translating more chapters from the book in the future.


Translator: Hardicondor
Editor: Amalthea
Quality checkers: Cadenza, freudia, HayateK4L

[Aoki Kanji] Nekkyou Quiet (Sayonara, Oppai) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[青木幹治] 熱狂Quiet (さよなら、おっぱい) [英訳]

Download: mega
Read Online: ex | g.e

6 comments on “Release: “Quiet Obsession” by Aoki Kanji

    • On going through it, perhaps “yandere” is too strong a term, but who’s to say that a “potential yandere” isn’t lurking behind her initial mannerisms? Good luck, protag-kun.

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