Release: “Taking Onee-chan’s Hand” by Aoki Kanji


Chapter 2 from Aoki Kanji’s tankoubon “Sayonara, Oppai”.

Translator: Hardicondor
Editor: Amalthea
Quality checkers: Cadenza, freudia, HayateK4L

[Aoki Kanji] Onee-chan no Te wo Totte (Sayonara, Oppai) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[青木幹治] お姉ちゃんの手を取って (さよなら、おっぱい) [英訳]

Download: mega
Read Online: ex | g.e

5 comments on “Release: “Taking Onee-chan’s Hand” by Aoki Kanji

    • Yeah, this is from Aoki Kanji’s first tankoubon, and his art was pretty rough back then. It was around his third tank, Dakishime Nasai!, where his style started to look pretty nice. That said, I like the writing in his early stories more than the latest stuff.

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