Misc: COMIC BAVEL and its Implications

It seems that last night, during Fakku’s panel at Anime Expo, they announced they were picking up three new magazines to publish.

They are COMIC BAVEL, COMIC Europa, and Girls forM.

We’ve never scanlated anything from Europa and Girls forM, so that doesn’t affect us. But we do have ten releases from COMIC BAVEL, as well as the current story I’m working on. Of course, this means we will no longer scanlate material published in COMIC BAVEL. I don’t know what to do with the current project. I suggest grabbing the releases if you haven’t already, as we may have to take them down in the near future. Or perhaps we will preemptively remove them to cover our backsides, either way. Get them while you can.

The broader implication is that Fakku has spread beyond WANIMAGAZINE. I mean, I know they did pick up some tankoubon published by GOT (Anthurium’s publisher), so it’s not a complete surprise. But Girls forM is Akaneshinsha and COMIC BAVEL/Europa is… I forget its name, but that was the publisher who used to do Purumelo. The question is what’s next? COMIC KOH (Akaneshinsha)? Anthurium (GOT)? Hell, who’s to say they won’t get AUN (Hit Publishing) or HOTMiLK/Megastore Alpha (CORE) in the future.

Point is, nothing is safe anymore. I’m not sure what this means for us moving forward, but this is a blow to the eromanga scanlation scene, the biggest since WANIMAGAZINE’s DMCA spree two years ago in my opinion. It’s very disappointing news to me, to say the least.


5 comments on “Misc: COMIC BAVEL and its Implications

  1. Thanks for the news and the releases. I don’t know how much royalty they are paying back to the actual artists, but hopefully enough to justify our fustration. All I can say is do what you can, and if it becomes too much of a hassle and you decide to step down, I will respect that as well.

    • At least for me, I’m not quite done yet. There’s still a fair amount of older works I wanted to do, but never got around to because new things kept coming in. If anything good comes out of this, it’s the fact I may finally be able to do something about my backlog.

      • Quitting was just the worst case scenario that I threw out there. I’m glad to know that you are still willing to continue.

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