Misc/News: COMIC KOH licensed by FAKKU

FAKKU recently announced that they picked up COMIC KOH for their subscription service. This news somewhat hit me by surprise, because I thought something like this would happen during an event like Anime Expo, such as when they announced they had picked up BAVEL, Europa, and Girls forM last year.

But I can’t say I’m completely surprised. As I wrote last year, once they’d spread beyond WANIMAGAZINE, it was only a matter of time until they picked up another magazine, and my first prediction happened to be correct.

Now I was a bit dramatic when I said BAVEL’s acquisition was a huge blow to the scene, but this news means we will no longer work on COMIC KOH works moving forward. Fortunately, we didn’t have any current projects from COMIC KOH, and surprisingly there was only one KOH work in our potential projects list. It was a magazine I used to look forward to the most, like back in 2015, but I haven’t been excited by their lineups in quite a while.

So I guess we’ll chug on with the noose a little tighter than before. Now that KOH has fallen, what comes next: Anthurium, ExE, or possibly HOTMiLK? We can only wait and see.

4 comments on “Misc/News: COMIC KOH licensed by FAKKU

  1. Maybe they’ll pick up all issues of Comic Lo past, present and future. That would be a blow.

    • It’s been known for a while that Jacob likes Comic LO stuff. I’m sure they’ve tried, but perhaps the legality of loli (outside the US) is what’s kept it back.

      • IKR, I remember when they tried to get Watashiya Kaworu’s “Kodomo no Jikan” Released here in the states as “Nymphet”. Well I guess that there’s an unintended silver lining. Is it just me or does FAKKU seem to becoming the Wal-Mart of this world? Cause they started out as fan translators but now are killing other sites with anything they grab up legal. Strange world we live in recently.

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