Release: “Doubles Ch. 3” by Cuvie

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Even though Shinya agreed to stop having sex with Yuina, he secretly continues to do so. Troubled by this secret, he confides in Yuina to figure out what to do, and she comes up with an outrageous solution that just might work.

Chapter five of Cuvie’s tankoubon “Girlie”; the third and final chapter of the story.

Sorry that it took so long to release the final chapter. There’s no good excuse for it; I just couldn’t muster the motivation to edit it until now (I finished the translation long ago).

Translator: freudia
Editor: freudia
Quality checkers: HayateK4L, Amalthea, Lied (from Little White Butterflies)

[Cuvie] Doubles! Kouhen (Girlie) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[Cuvie] ダブルズ!後編 (Girlie) [英訳]

Download: mega (Ch. 3 only) | mega (Ch. 1-3 batch)
Read Online: ex | e-h

4 comments on “Release: “Doubles Ch. 3” by Cuvie

  1. Uh, … the world may forever wonder whethwr Shinya deserved to somehow end up in a FFM Threesome arrangement. But perhaps at least we may breathe easy seeing that there was no (cough-cough) “Nice Boat” resolution.

  2. No excuses! I BANISH YOU TO THE LOLIVERSE….oh, wait that’s not a punishment. Then as reward for another great job. 8~)

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