Release: “I Won’t Let You Toy with Me!” by Sirokuma

A goofy story about a loner girl who leads a double life as a net idol, a classmate who happens to be a fan of said net idol, and misunderstandings.

Translator: Crystalium
Editor: Constipat8
Quality checkers: freudia, Katyusha, lvl_0, Nero, RO, The Joy

[Sirokuma] Omocha ni Sareru Kurai nara! (COMIC ExE 10) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[しろくま] オモチャにされるくらいなら! (コミック エグゼ 10) [英訳]

Download: mega
Read Online: ex | e-h

4 comments on “Release: “I Won’t Let You Toy with Me!” by Sirokuma

  1. One can almost see and hear the reaction if and when their friends and classmates (and perhaps one day, their offspring) ask the question: “So, how did you two get together?”

    Wackiness aside, it was fun.

  2. I don’t mean to kinkshame, but it feels like you guys have a thing for really, really big breasts.

    • I can only speak for myself, but my personal preference is (non-loli) small breasts. The problem is that such material that fits all of our criteria is hard to come by.

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