Release: “Summer-Colored Remembrance” by Kurokoshi You

Yuuta returns to the place he spent his childhood and is met by his old friend Tsubasa. To Yuuta’s surprise, Tsubasa, who in the past he thought was a boy, is now a voluptuous girl.

Merry Christmas!

Translator: Crystalium
Editor: Nero
Quality checkers: freudia, Constipat8, Katyusha, RO, The Joy, Yuzuru Katsuragi

[Kurokoshi You] Natsuiro Remember (COMIC ExE 15) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[黒越陽] 夏色リメンバー (コミック エグゼ 15) [英訳]

Download: mega
Read Online: ex | MD

3 comments on “Release: “Summer-Colored Remembrance” by Kurokoshi You

  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ….. just what kind of ninja magic (or something) had to be at work for girls to end up being mistaken for boys, even at so young an age? Well, whatever it was, grown-up Yuuta got it right on his reunion with Tsubasa … AND IT WAS GLORIOUS!


    • There’s magical sarashi for making big breasts become invisible, so perhaps this can be called magical childhood.

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