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We do not have an e-mail address. If you wish to leave us a message or make a non-sensitive inquiry, please leave a comment below and we will try our best to respond in a timely fashion. If you wish to have a more private discussion, leave a message with the form below and I will reply to you by e-mail.

Here are some preemptive responses to potential questions:

Q: Why do some releases have the “due to various reasons you will not find a read online or download link here” message?

A: There’s a certain major publisher of commercial Japanese hentai manga that went on a spree, handing out DMCA takedown notices in early April 2014. As a result, many hentai manga scanlation groups lost their websites, and some even chose to disband. We’d prefer to keep our site running, so we will not link to/host any material from them.

Q: But where can I find these releases, if there isn’t a read online or download link available?

A: ┐(´ー`)┌ The Internet is a vast place.

Q: Do you take commissions?

A: We do not. We do not charge (nor make) money for any of our work. However, we will take requests. Head over to the Requests page.

Q: What does “TBD” mean?

A: To be determined.

Q: “Page under construction.”

A: We’re working on it. OTL

45 comments on “Contact Us

    • An editor has a two-part job:
      1) Cleaning
      2) Typesetting

      Cleaning at its most basic is removing the text from the speech bubbles (generally by painting over it with white), but it also entails cropping excess margins, rotating the canvas (if needed), adjusting levels (if needed) and redrawing. Redrawing is when there’s text that covers art directly, like transparent/translucent speech bubbles (example) or floating text (example). Cleaning can be very easy or very difficult–it usually depends on how challenging the redraws are.

      Typesetting is, well, adding English text to cleaned pages. This entails speech bubbles, narration boxes, floating text, moans during sex scenes, and some critical SFX.

      I hope that answered your question sufficiently.

  1. Just in advance, sorry if this is the wrong section to ask.

    Seeing as you guys are waiting for it to get into your hands, are you guys going to translate the entire Love Friends tank? Also, is the newest manga on your progress list one of the chapters (the art seems similar)?

    • Hey, no problem. This is the right place to ask.

      We don’t plan to translate the entire Hoshigari GF tankoubon by Tomono Hiro. What we do have planned is Love Friend Ch. 1-2, and Love Friend Plus (an extra chapter to the story arc). Additionally, a translator is working on “Summer Lie”, and “Sister Maid Mao” is a story I eventually intend to translate. So that’s… six chapters planned out of the thirteen in the book.

      The newest manga on the progress list is “Otonari-san no Yuu-kun” by Momonosuke, so it’s not one of the chapters of the book. You can see the titles and artist names if you mouse over the pictures.


  2. I will say, if I may, that one thing I’m enjoying about your blog is that almost every artist here is fairly consistently vanilla. I don’t know why, but it bugs me when an artist does vanilla stories half the time and the complete opposite the other. Call me boring, but liking Vanilla, I’m gonna like creators that consistently produce it. Perfect example: Mitarashi Kousei. God, I love his work.

    • Those artists are the best because you don’t have to worry about what they produce next. Unfortunately, there are a couple artists we’ve worked on who are… unpredictable.

      Ikezaki Misa comes to mind. His/her first magazine story was a happy sex implied cheating story (therefore we passed on it). The second was Amadare no Bi (which we translated), and the third was Queen♡Slave (which we translated). The fourth was happy sex with a loose girl (passed, not to mention it’s published by Wanimaga), but the fifth and most recent story was arguably netorare.

      Speaking of Mitarashi Kousei, there is something I want to translate drawn by the artist. But I’m not sure if I’ll get beaten to the punch.

      At any rate, thanks for the feedback!


    • To reiterate from the “Join Us” page:
      Important note: Translating manga is a time-consuming process, and this is strictly volunteer work. There is no paid compensation.

      In other words, no.

  3. Hi! I’ve come across the link for your blog in Heard you need more people. Can I apply as a quality check/proofreader? 🙂 You can drop me an email at Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

  4. oi im acctually very jntrested in any job offers you guys have avalable id love to get in contact with anyone personaly feel free to shoot me an e-mail

  5. Was looking through some of the old releases that one of your members (freudia) had posted and found that he did chapter 1->3 of “Aniue ga Kedamono Sugite Meiwaku Sugiru” and had plans on releasing 4->6. However I can’t find the remaining chapters translated anywhere on the internet were they never released?

    • Hello, freudia here.

      I know it’s been a really long time, but I haven’t gotten around to chapters 4~6 of the tankoubon yet. I prioritize my Team Koinaka projects over personal projects (one of which is “Aniue ga Kedamono Sugite Meiwaku Sugiru”), so I just haven’t been able to find the time to make a headway on them. That said, they’re currently high up on my list of priorities, and I think I’ll finally work on them after I’m done with my current project (“Thunder Girl” by Tsukuru). I deeply apologize for the lengthy delay, but I promise that they are on the way.

    • I’m not entirely sure, but I believe it’s because there’s a missing page. Page 51 is not in the raws for whatever reason. I suppose that’s why our editors are reluctant to typeset it, even though the script has been ready since mid-June (minus that one page).


      • Missing page, huh? Do you guys have any thoughts on a solution for this matter? Personally, I don’t want this work to be dropped.

        • Dunno. The page is very unlikely to appear anytime soon, if ever.
          If we run out of other stuff to edit, maybe an editor will decide to typeset it. Until then, it seems it will be stuck in purgatory for a while.

          If you want, I wouldn’t mind showing you the script. Privately, of course.

  6. What level of Japanese do you require your translators? I think im ok for N4, not sure N3 of the JLPT, but I’m not sure if that is enough

    • We don’t have a requirement. When I jumped into translating stuff, I was probably only around N4 level myself. Some stories are easy enough to read that that level is sufficient.

      As long as you understand the overwhelming majority of what you read while translating a story, then that’s good enough. If there’s just a handful of lines you’re not sure about, you may bug other translators to double check your work.


  7. What are your plans for an upload site now that FAKKU is stopping all scanlations? I ask because the help page for ex-hentai set up is abandoned as far as i can tell. Thanks for your time.

  8. Tigroris released a translation of the pet sister story by Hinotsuki Neko. Will you guys continue to do yours?

    • I saw. I’m pretty unhappy this happened, and it’s quite unfortunate. We should have finished it back in November, but the editor who was working on it suddenly disappeared, the day before he said he’d be done with it. Nobody else bothered to pick up the slack.

      I plan to edit it anyway because it’s Tigoris, and because it was the first translation done by a new member of our team. I don’t want to see his work go to waste. That said, I have to wrap up my current project first, so I won’t be able to get to it immediately.


  9. I’d absolutely love to make a donation to what you guys are doing. I truly appreciate your guys work!

    • Thanks! We don’t have accounts set up for receiving donations (scanlators who use Paypal, for instance, often eventually get their accounts suspended), but just the thought counts!

  10. I have a question to freudia. Do you have plans to translate the last chapter of A-Ken! ?? I really like this manga.

    • Hey, hello! I do intend to finish it, it’s just that I’ve been busy in real life, and dealing with health problems since several months ago; so I haven’t found the time to get to it. But I feel pretty bad to keep people waiting, and definitely want to complete it when I get the chance.

      • I understand. Of course, real life and health is the most important:) I truly appreciate your work. Thank you very much for answer:)

  11. draws magic summoning circle with female first time blood


    Obviously, you can read the work for context, but I wanted to ask you guys about the upper right panel. What do you get from what the girl says? In the L4K version, the girl says, “Is it okay for me to love you, Dai-chan?”. However, in the newly translated Pandemonium tank, she says, “Can I fall in love with you?”. Both imply different things.

    Both translations are similar in certain aspects so my OCD acted up and now I want to find out the true meaning. Sorry for asking for such trivialities. ._.

    • I’m inclined to agree with L4K’s version. When I saw the line, without really taking into consideration the context, the first thing that came to mind was, “Is it all right for me to like/love you?”

      To be honest though, I don’t feel there’s an appreciable difference between how L4K and FAKKU translated the line.

      • Thank you very much for your help!

        Yeah, but it’s mostly due to what the line implies that got me. The way you and L4K read as implies that she’s asking if she can pursue those romantic feelings, to be with him (relevant, since she thought she was bothering him with her affections). Fakku’s version, however, means she’s not in love with him yet at that point despite her saying it throughout the story (which would imply to me that she only had an infatuation).

  12. HELLO,

    You might be aware that what appears to be a complete tank by Menea The Dog (in Japanese, naturally) has appeared on E-H Galleries. Per chance are there any plans on the part of the Team to go after the as-yet untranslated chapters, thereby hastening the day when we may see all of MTD’s gut-busting works (outside of doujins) available in English?

    Reply at your convenience.

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