Release: “Night of Incest – Father and Daughter at a Park…” by Hinotsuki Neko

The title says it all, really.

This story was the sixth chapter of Hinotsuki Neko’s tankoubon “Kinkyori Koubi” (禁距離交尾), but it seemed that the magazine version was a little better so we worked from those raws instead.


Translator: freudia
Editor: yagamikisuke
Quality checkers: Cadenza, HayateK4L

[Hinotsuki Neko] Kinshinsoukan no Yoru – Chichi to Musume ga Kouen de… (COMIC Grape Vol. 7) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[日月ネコ] 近親相姦の夜 – 父と娘が公園で… (コミックグレープ Vol.7) [英訳]

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“Release”: “How To Raise Your Pet Sister” by Hinotsuki Neko

Mei’s hair flaps are cute. Apologies to people who wanted a real version–the other members repeatedly dissuaded me from doing so. As you can guess, yes, this is our April Fools prank; and if you don’t get the joke, the cleaning and typesetting is done in the spirit of the old, infamous “Great Teacher Onizuka” scanlations. A random sample of what that looked like.

Chapter 3 from Hinotsuki Neko’s tankoubon “Kinkyori Koubi”; originally published in COMIC GRAPE Vol.24.


Translator: Praton
Editor: fraudia

[Hinotsuki Neko] Pet na Ane no Shitsukekata (Kinkyori Koubi) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[日月ネコ] ペットな姉の躾け方 (禁距離交尾) [英訳]

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Release 041: “Let’s Go To Heaven!” by Hinotsuki Neko

This story went through editing limbo for several months, but we finally finished it. It’s like a sexier version of Angel Beats!.


Edit: It’s come to our attention that there is a wayward link on page 10 (P330F.jpg). We accidentally pasted it there during the QC process. Here’s the fixed version of the page: [click] (NSFW)

Translator: Megumi
Editor: M.PL
QC: freudia, Cadenza, Palaxius

[Hinotsuki Neko] Let’s Joubutsu! (COMIC Anthurium 008) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[日月ネコ] 成仏しよっ! (COMIC アンスリウム 008) [英訳]

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