New release: “On a Summer Day, with My Kouhai, at the Bus Stop.” by Morimiyakan (Morimiya Masayuki)

A guy meets his underclassman who confessed to him a month ago at a bus stop. When he questions her feelings, she proves to him that they’re real.

Note: This story appears to have at least three sequels, but none of them have been scanned, and they aren’t sold digitally nor available on sites like Melonbooks/Toranoana so it seems pretty unlikely we’ll ever be able to work on them.

Translator: grey
Typesetter: doozy
Redrawer: bulbousOrange
Quality checkers: freudia, The Joy, Amalthea, RO

(C94) [Morimiyakan (Morimiya Masayuki)] Natsu no hi, kouhaito, basutei de. [English] [Team Koinaka]
(C94) [森宮缶 (森宮正幸)] 夏の日、こーはいと、バス停で。 [英訳]

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