We scour through many magazine and tankoubon raws, so we are in no short supply of potential projects to work on. Nevertheless, we do not have eyes everywhere, and sometimes we may gloss over things.

If there’s a doujinshi or manga you’d like us to take a look at, leave a comment down below. We cannot make any promises or guarantees (especially because we need more translators and editors right now); but if the art, story, sex, or other factors greatly appeal to one of our members; there’s a chance we will pick it up.

How To Request
・ Provide an exhentai link to the stuff you want us to see. If you use g.e-hentai, you can convert g.e-hentai links to exhentai links by replacing “g.e-hentai” in the URL with “exhentai”.
・ If the stuff cannot be found on exhentai (e.g. personal scans), upload it to a filehosting site such as and drop us the link.
・ If you can, provide the artist name and title of the work. If it’s a story in an anthology, just the artist name is fine.
・ A short description or pitch is optional but appreciated!
We do not take requests published by WANIMAGAZINE. This includes, but is not limited to, stories published in COMIC X-EROS, COMIC Kairakuten, COMIC Kairakuten BEAST, or COMIC Shitsurakuten.
2017/07/04 – We will no longer take requests published in COMIC BAVEL, COMIC Europa, and Girls forM.

・ We only translate vanilla stories, so obviously no cheating or netorare requests. Even if you do not understand the words it’s usually pretty obvious when there’s cheating involved (e.g. a ring on the hand of a married woman).
・ We do not take guro requests.
・ Multiple guys having sex with one girl is an absolute no-no. On the other hand, a threesome of one guy and two girls, or one guy with a harem of girls (3+) is okay.
・ No yaoi or yuri, please. This does not count against brief lesbian play between two (or more women) during a male-female-female threesome or harem situation.
・ We do not work on bestiality or furry stories.

Other Notes
・ We are okay with unusual/niche fetishes such as bondage/shibari, exhibitionism, sex toys (preferably no pegging), ahegao, sex with a pregnant woman, anal sex, monster girls, and watersports. Vomit and scat are probably taking it too far, but if it’s very mild we won’t necessarily turn it down.
・ We strongly prefer to work on original stories over parodies.
・ If possible, avoid requesting stories from Action Pizazz (Special/DX/HB), Monthly Vitaman, and COMIC Namaiki!. Those magazines are so heavily censored that they are a turn-off.

…I think I typed too much again, but if I haven’t scared you off yet, go ahead and leave a request!


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