We scour through many magazine and tankoubon raws, so we are in no short supply of potential projects to work on. Nevertheless, we do not have eyes everywhere, and sometimes we may gloss over things.

If there’s a doujinshi or manga you’d like us to take a look at, leave a comment down below. We cannot make any promises or guarantees (especially because we need more translators and editors right now); but if the art, story, sex, or other factors greatly appeal to one of our members; there’s a chance we will pick it up.

How To Request
・ Provide an exhentai link to the stuff you want us to see. If you use g.e-hentai, you can convert g.e-hentai links to exhentai links by replacing “g.e-hentai” in the URL with “exhentai”.
・ If the stuff cannot be found on exhentai (e.g. personal scans), upload it to a filehosting site such as and drop us the link.
・ If you can, provide the artist name and title of the work. If it’s a story in an anthology, just the artist name is fine.
・ A short description or pitch is optional but appreciated!
We do not take requests published by WANIMAGAZINE. This includes, but is not limited to, stories published in COMIC X-EROS, COMIC Kairakuten, COMIC Kairakuten BEAST, or COMIC Shitsurakuten.
2017/07/04 – We will no longer take requests published in COMIC BAVEL, COMIC Europa, and Girls forM.

・ We only translate vanilla stories, so obviously no cheating or netorare requests. Even if you do not understand the words it’s usually pretty obvious when there’s cheating involved (e.g. a ring on the hand of a married woman).
・ We do not take guro requests.
・ Multiple guys having sex with one girl is an absolute no-no. On the other hand, a threesome of one guy and two girls, or one guy with a harem of girls (3+) is okay.
・ No yaoi or yuri, please. This does not count against brief lesbian play between two (or more women) during a male-female-female threesome or harem situation.
・ We do not work on bestiality or furry stories.

Other Notes
・ We are okay with unusual/niche fetishes such as bondage/shibari, exhibitionism, sex toys (preferably no pegging), ahegao, sex with a pregnant woman, anal sex, monster girls, and watersports. Vomit and scat are probably taking it too far, but if it’s very mild we won’t necessarily turn it down.
・ We strongly prefer to work on original stories over parodies.
・ If possible, avoid requesting stories from Action Pizazz (Special/DX/HB), Monthly Vitaman, and COMIC Namaiki!. Those magazines are so heavily censored that they are a turn-off.

…I think I typed too much again, but if I haven’t scared you off yet, go ahead and leave a request!


589 comments on “Requests

    • The first one is way too long, and I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but it’s rather odd and doesn’t really fit our theme.

      The second one I looked over a while ago. It’s nice, but I don’t like it as much as “Love & Sick”, and we’ve got plenty of other things to work on.

    • I’d love to work on it too, the problem is there’s just so much work involved (it looks like a huge pain to edit, and there’s a lot of text to translate), and I’m quite busy with other projects, that I don’t know when I’d have time to get to it.

    • Story seems all right, but we’re pretty busy at the moment. I asked around to see if anyone else was interested; it seems like celltf kind of is, but probably won’t get around to commissioning it for a long time too. So I guess it’s possible we could in the far future if we make a dent in our backlog or our team members have more time, but right now isn’t possible.

    • Well, it seems someone is working on it already. That was back in August, but I think it’ll be done eventually.

    • Hm, not really. She’s one the of the few Cinderella Girls whom I’m slightly partial to, but I much more prefer 765 Pro heroines.

    • Sorry, this story isn’t vanilla. The sister has a boyfriend and her brother blackmails her.

    • I was interested in this originally, but lost motivation after some stuff happened. I’d still like to see it translated someday, but I feel like I need to clear a lot of current projects in our back log before I’d get around to it.

    • Sorry for the late reply. Rotoscopic and Nero were interested in it I think, and they may still work on it eventually even though someone else translated it already.

  1. Any chance you guys are still interested in the work of Tomotsuka Haruomi? Team Koinaka has translated two of the stories from this tank already:
    Pages 86-135, 174-193, and the new outro made for the tankouban on page 216-225 have not been translated into English. As far as I can tell it’s all vanilla except for what looks like rape on 174-177 which I’d understand if you didn’t want to translate because of that. If it’s a possibility any of it will be translated please let me know. Thank you.

  2. Onozomi no Ketsumatsu by Etuzan Jakusui published in COMIC Anthurium 2019-05

    I don’t think it’s netorare/cheating, but the artist does have a lot of work that involves them so I’m not sure if tag might be missing. Just wanted to check because I love the art.

    • Hm. I skimmed over the story and It doesn’t seem to be said explicitly, but I think the lady is not in a current relationship (perhaps she’s divorced). That said, busty MILF isn’t my cup of tea and the style just doesn’t appeal to me, so I’m not interested in it. Sorry.

    • Sorry for the late reply. Looks like it was translated to English some time ago (and uploaded to e-hentai a day or two ago), so you got your wish!

    • We’re currently working on Sassy-Sister Complex! 3.0.

      Hm, Knuckle Curve’s story… there’s several other stories in ExE 19 which I’m more interested in (Hiroya and MGMEE primarily), so we probably won’t get around to it.

    • Crystalium is currently translating Kurokoshi You’s story in ExE 18.

      I’m still interested in the Mon-Petit ghost story, but I just don’t have the time to work on it anytime soon. Perhaps in a few months if it it’s still up for grabs, and I’ve reduced my backlog/workload, I’ll be able to get started on it.

    • It’s really good as expected of Jorori, but unfortunately we’re shorthanded at the moment on the editing front. If we’re able to find an editor for it, we’ll probably get around to it. I know Rotoscopic is willing to translate it.

    • I’m not 100% opposed to gender bender stories, although very few interest me enough to consider working on. However, I know absolutely nothing about Golden Kamuy so I don’t care for those.

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