We scour through many magazine and tankoubon raws, so we are in no short supply of potential projects to work on. Nevertheless, we do not have eyes everywhere, and sometimes we may gloss over things.

If there’s a doujinshi or manga you’d like us to take a look at, leave a comment down below. We cannot make any promises or guarantees (especially because we need more translators and editors right now); but if the art, story, sex, or other factors greatly appeal to one of our members; there’s a chance we will pick it up.

How To Request
・ Provide an exhentai link to the stuff you want us to see. If you use g.e-hentai, you can convert g.e-hentai links to exhentai links by replacing “g.e-hentai” in the URL with “exhentai”.
・ If the stuff cannot be found on exhentai (e.g. personal scans), upload it to a filehosting site such as and drop us the link.
・ If you can, provide the artist name and title of the work. If it’s a story in an anthology, just the artist name is fine.
・ A short description or pitch is optional but appreciated!
We do not take requests published by WANIMAGAZINE. This includes, but is not limited to, stories published in COMIC X-EROS, COMIC Kairakuten, COMIC Kairakuten BEAST, or COMIC Shitsurakuten.
2017/07/04 – We will no longer take requests published in COMIC BAVEL, COMIC Europa, and Girls forM.

・ We only translate vanilla stories, so obviously no cheating or netorare requests. Even if you do not understand the words it’s usually pretty obvious when there’s cheating involved (e.g. a ring on the hand of a married woman).
・ We do not take guro requests.
・ Multiple guys having sex with one girl is an absolute no-no. On the other hand, a threesome of one guy and two girls, or one guy with a harem of girls (3+) is okay.
・ No yaoi or yuri, please. This does not count against brief lesbian play between two (or more women) during a male-female-female threesome or harem situation.
・ We do not work on bestiality or furry stories.

Other Notes
・ We are okay with unusual/niche fetishes such as bondage/shibari, exhibitionism, sex toys (preferably no pegging), ahegao, sex with a pregnant woman, anal sex, monster girls, and watersports. Vomit and scat are probably taking it too far, but if it’s very mild we won’t necessarily turn it down.
・ We strongly prefer to work on original stories over parodies.
・ If possible, avoid requesting stories from Action Pizazz (Special/DX/HB), Monthly Vitaman, and COMIC Namaiki!. Those magazines are so heavily censored that they are a turn-off.

…I think I typed too much again, but if I haven’t scared you off yet, go ahead and leave a request!


496 comments on “Requests

  1. Hi, I’m just wondering, do you guys have any plan to release the last three chapters from Aoki Kanji’s Sayonara Oppai? Since it’s almost been a year since chapter 8 is released. Thank you

    • Unfortunately, we dropped it. I felt bad about making the call when we’d gotten that far, but it turns out the Setsuko-san series did not meet our guidelines. It’s entirely my fault for not vetting it better before we started to work on it.

    • Good news. We decided to at least finish the Sayonara, Oppai tankoubon; although we will no longer continue the Setsuko-san series.

    • Suzuha was my favorite heroine in S;G as well, but I’m sorry to say I’m not interested.

    • I’m fine with both. I can add them to our potential projects list, but I can’t guarantee any of our translators will pick them up. I’ve got my own long list of things to do, and the other translators seem to be pretty busy in real life so they’re active only occasionally.

    • Putting aside the fact this is in Chinese and a Japanese scan currently isn’t available, it’s a lot to ask for an entire tankoubon. Narrowing requests down to a few specific stories would be helpful.

        • Oh, hmm. It’s an interesting story, and it seems okay at a quick glance. Nevertheless, I’m not really digging the art style, and it looks like a lot of work. Pass for now. May reconsider if Japanese scans of the tank are available and we have more staff.

    • Hm, it looks all right.
      Some time ago, someone requested a story by Sakagami Umi, so I kinda had my eye on the artist. Well, I’ll find some time to go though the tankoubon and see which story/stories interest me the most, so I can’t guarantee that will be the one I add to our list. Thanks for the suggestion though!

    • I’ve been informed that there’s a group that will be working on the entire tankoubon. Please look forward to it, probably not that far away!

    • We already talked about this on Discord, but for anyone else wondering, had to reject it because it was published by Wanimaga.

    • This seems to be one of Miyahara Ayumu’s series that was published in Monthly Vitaman. The censorship is pretty bad and there’s a fairly high ratio of story to sexual content. I think probably no.

    • Sorry, I didn’t see this request until now because it didn’t show up in my WordPress notifications.
      The girl is kinda obnoxiously airheaded, but yeah, it has defloration and it’s vanilla.
      Giuniu’s artwork got considerably better after this, but sadly there hasn’t been anything new from the artist in ages… Perhaps it’s the best untranslated Giuniu work left, but I’m just not feeling the art. Hard call to make, but we probably won’t pick this up.

    • I don’t think so. TripleSevenScans is still active and we try not to take other group’s projects. But besides that, I’m still very wary about Rocket Monkey. I don’t trust them not to pull a Carn or Takeda Hiromitsu.

    • We don’t work on stuff that can’t be posted on exhentai, sorry. (Additionally, we don’t touch ongoing stories, nor those that lack sex scenes.)

    • Hm, it’s the third chapter in a series. We’re not in a position to be picking up new series at this time, unfortunately.

    • I’m afraid not. The translator of the first one was a freelancer and not part of our team, and the editor departed earlier this year.

    • I’m interested in this; will put it… uh… somewhere around second through fourth on my list.

    • Unfortunately, I haven’t read the VN it’s based on, and I’ve avoided the anime so as to avoid spoilers. I know someone I could ask to see if they’re interested, but we’ll see.

    • Explained in Discord, but I didn’t really like how the girl was either drunk or asleep throughout the story, so most probably not interested.

    • Apologies for not replying sooner; I somehow didn’t see this comment in the queue until now.

      I’ve been interested in Aya Shachou’s work for sometime–the style appeals to me–but unfortunately I don’t care for Kantai Collection whatsoever. So that’s a pass.

    • Unfortunately, I doubt we’ll work on them. The original editor departed from the group, and I’ve never watched/read Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata.

  2. Hello there, was wondering if you could do this Gintama doujin by crowly

    It’s pretty vanilla, only thing I can think of that might not be is a little Nakadashi.
    I understand you prefer originals over parodies, but I’d really appreciate it. We English speaking Gintama fans have very little stuff to read.


    • I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t interest me (I don’t know anything about Gintama, for that matter).

    • The art is a bit funky, but story and content-wise it looks good to us. We’ll put it on our potential projects pile. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • HOTMiLK Koime stuff usually doesn’t fit our guidelines, and I’m sorry to say this is no exception. It wasn’t clear to me until page 200, but the story contains cheating–the guy who shows up on the TV is the woman’s husband. So the reporter woman has cheated on her husband multiple times with the MC (who is a fan of hers, it seems).

    • Hm, the two women are the guy’s biological mother and stepmother. I’m not interested in mother-son incest, I’m afraid.

    • I must confess that I’m not interested in it. The art feels a bit weak, and I’m not really a fan of the setup, which is the guy tricks the girl into taking a drug that makes her feel strange. Granted, we have done a story with a similar premise before, but still.

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