Release: “I Really Love You” by Mashiro Shirako

A joint project with Redlantern. Check them out!

Minato returns home early, drunk, and behaving suspiciously. Her boyfriend Yuuya suspects it’s related to the recent fight they had.

I really liked the ending to this story, and I hope you all enjoy it. This is our last release of 2018. I wish you all a happy new year, and see you in 2019!

Translator: Guraphe
TL checkers: Danky, RO
Editor: Constipat8
Some redraws: Tom Servo
Quality checkers: freudia, Katyusha, Nero, The_Joy

[Mashiro Shirako] Yappari Kimi ga Suki (COMIC Anthurium 2018-12) [English] [Team Koinaka + Redlantern]
[真白しらこ] やっぱり君が好き (COMIC アンスリウム 2018年12月号) [英訳]

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