Release: “Sister’s Friend” by Hyocorou

A quickie this time. To be honest I don’t care about this chapter; it’s just the prequel to the story I actually want to work on. Although another group already beat us to the main story, we were already started on it so we’ll still finish our own version at some point.

The first chapter to Hyocorou’s tankoubon “Otomebore” (おとめぼれ).

Translator: Rotoscopic
Redrawer: bulbousOrange
Typesetter: freudia
Quality checkers: The Joy, RO

[Hyocorou] Utonoto (Otomebore) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[ひょころー] うとのと (おとめぼれ) [英訳]

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Release: “Sassy-Sister Complex! 3.0” by Warabino Matsuri

Chapter 1
Chapter 2.2
Chapter 2.3


Miki’s graduation is coming up soon, so she ‘invites’ her bother for one last trip to the school grounds.

Translator: grey
Redrawer: freudia
Cleaner: Nero
Typesetter: Amalthea
Quality checkers: freudia, CellTF, The Joy

[Warabino Matsuri] Sassy-Sister Complex! 3.0 (COMIC ExE 19) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[蕨野まつり] Sassy-Sister Complex! 3.0 (コミック エグゼ 19) [英訳]

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Release: “At a Private Beach” by ZOAL (LEN[A-7])

A young couple enjoy a fun vacation at a private beach.

The censorship is cute.

Translator: EcchiNeko
Editor: Amalthea
Redrawer: psychorhythm (from mangaichiscans)
Quality checkers: freudia, Katyusha, Nero, The Joy

(COMITIA124) [ZOAL (LEN[A-7])] Private beach nite [English] [Team Koinaka]
(コミティア124) [ZOAL (LEN[A-7])] プライベートビーチにて [英訳]

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Release: “Feed Me Down There, I’ll Feed You Up Here Part 1” by Giuniu

A short, full-colored lead-in chapter to a new work by Giuniu about a married couple. I’m certainly curious about the direction this story will take.

Translator: freudia
Editor: freudia
Quality checkers: lvl_0, HayateK4L, Canine, Katyusha, Nero

[Giuniu] Ue no Okuchi to Shita no Okuchi to, Zenpen (COMIC Anthurium 2018-10) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[ぎうにう] 上のおくちと下のおくちと、 前編 (COMIC アンスリウム 2018年10月号) [英訳]

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Release: “Sassy-Sister Complex! 2.3” by Warabino Matsuri

Chapter 1
Chapter 2.2

Miki comes down with a cold, and her brother gives her a special suppository in this latest mini-chapter.

Translator: grey
Typesetter: Nero
Cleaner: freudia
Quality checkers: lvl_0, EcchiNeko, HayateK4L, Canine

[Warabino Matsuri] Sassy-Sister Complex! 2.3 (COMIC ExE 13) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[蕨野まつり] Sassy-Sister Complex! 2.3 (コミック エグゼ 13) [英訳]

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Release: “Sassy-Sister Complex! 2.2” by Warabino Matsuri

Chapter 1
(Chapters 2 and 2.1 were done by a different group)

A mini-chapter about Miki and her older brother having fun at an inn somewhere.

Translator: grey
Typesetter: Rui
Cleaner: freudia
Quality checkers: CellTF, HayateK4L, Amalthea

[Warabino Matsuri] Sassy-Sister Complex! 2.2 (COMIC ExE 09) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[蕨野まつり] Sassy-Sister Complex! 2.2 (コミック エグゼ 09) [英訳]

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Release: “PARADOXICAL VOL.01” by Chesha Neko no Yakata (Wazakita)

Scathacha becomes quite upset when Naoise implies she should grow up.

Like the artist says, Scathacha’s cuteness is quite overwhelming. Her way of speaking was archaic and quite difficult for me to translate, but hopefully I was within the ballpark. Hope you enjoy it!

Translator: freudia
Editor: Amalthea
Quality checkers: HayateK4L, AoC

(C89) [Chesha Neko no Yakata, Shokuan (Wazakita, Shokushu-san)] PARADOXICAL VOL.01 (Granblue Fantasy) [English] [Team Koinaka]
(C89) [チェシャ猫の館、触安 (わざきた、触手さん)] PARADOXICAL VOL.01 (グランブルーファンタジー) [英訳]

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Release: “Sassy-Sister Complex!” by Warabino Matsuri

Miki, a pretty and popular girl, makes her older brother pretend to be her boyfriend. To make the act more convincing, she takes him to a love hotel, where she attempts to seduce him.

Her design reminds me of Kirino, except with tanned skin and a very developed body.


Translator: Praton
Editor: Palaxius
Quality checkers: HayateK4L, freudia

[Warabino Matsuri] Sassy-Sister Complex! (COMIC ExE 02) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[蕨野まつり] Sassy-Sister Complex! (コミック エグゼ 02) [英訳]

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Release: “Little Girl 9” by Mieow (Rustle)

Two childhood friends fight all the time, but in truth both of them like each other. How will they be able to be honest to each other about their feelings?


Translator: Noraneko
Editor: Palaxius
Quality checker: Cadenza

(C86) [Mieow (Rustle)] Little Girl 9 [English] [Team Koinaka]
(C86) [Mieow (らする)] Little Girl 9 [英訳]

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Release: “Love Intercourse – First” by Shiokonbu

A 4-page full color prequel to Love Intercourse, which covers the first time Kazuha and Itsuki made love.

The second chapter from Shiokonbu’s tankoubon “Koimaguwai” (恋まぐわい).


Translator: freudia
Cleaner: JBK
Typesetter: Palaxius
QC: freudia

[Shiokonbu] Koi Maguwai -Hatsu- (Koimaguwai) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[しおこんぶ] 恋まぐわい -初- (恋まぐわい) [英訳]

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