Release: “Eternity” + “Decorations” by Igumox

Part 1.

The conclusion to Wakaba and Kazuki’s story, and what an ending it has! This also includes a four-page extra chapter where they have sex while Wakaba is wearing her band outfit.

The overall order to the story is “Infatuation” -> “Eternity” -> “Wet”/”Decorations” (unknown which takes place first) -> “Eternity” (the last two pages of it).

Chapter 3 from Igumox’s tankoubon “Boku dake no Yuuyami – Only My Twilight” (僕だけの夕闇); originally published in COMIC HOTMiLK 2013-09. The extra chapter was published in COMIC HOTMiLK 2014-01.


Translator: Samwais
Editor: Palaxius
Quality Checkers: Cadenza, Kurosenai

[Igumox] Ei (Boku dake no Yuuyami) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[井雲くす] 永 (僕だけの夕闇) [英訳]

[Igumox] Kazari (COMIC HOTMiLK 2014-01) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[井雲くす] 飾 (コミックホットミルク 2014年1月号) [英訳]

Download: mega (“Wet” + “Infatuation” + “Eternity” + “Decorations” batch)
Read Online: Fakku (“Eternity” + “Wet” + “Decorations”) | ex | e-h

Release: “Wet” + “Infatuation” by Igumox

A bit of an odd situation, but the black and white portion is the first part of a two-part story, and the colored part is a sequel to them. However, in the tankoubon the colored part comes first, followed by the first part of the story. Therefore, we’re presenting them in that order.

Kazuki and Wakaba are childhood friends who have long been hooked on mutual masturbation, but haven’t actually had sex. Kazuki thinks that the strange, partly sexual relationship they share prevents Wakaba from finding a boyfriend, so he intends to tell her they should stop their practice.

Chapters 1 and 2 from Igumox’s tankoubon “Boku dake no Yuuyami – Only My Twilight” (僕だけの夕闇); the first chapter is original to the tankoubon, while the second chapter was originally published in COMIC HOTMiLK 2013-08.


Translator: Samwais
Editor: Palaxius
QC: Cadenza, Kurosenai

[Igumox] Jun (Boku dake no Yuuyami) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[井雲くす] 潤 (僕だけの夕闇) [英訳]

[Igumox] Moe (Boku dake no Yuuyami) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[井雲くす] 萌 (僕だけの夕闇) [英訳]

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Read Online: Fakku (“Infatuation” only) | ex | e-h

Release: “It’s My Win!” by Igumox

Everything you can do, I can do better.

Chapter 10 from Igumox’s tankoubon “Yosugara Sexology” (終夜セクソロジー); originally published in Comic Megastore H 2010-11.


Translator: Noraneko
Editor: JBK
QC: Palaxius

[Igumox] Atashi no Kachi! (Yosugara Sexology) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[井雲くす] あたしの勝ち! (終夜セクソロジー) [英訳]

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