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Team Koinaka would like to present more of the best vanilla hentai manga to Western readers, but we need your help!

We are currently seeking translators, editors, and quality checkers. No prior experience is necessary (though some experience would be a nice plus!), but you should be motivated and dedicated.

Important note: Translating manga is a time-consuming process, and this is strictly volunteer work. There is no paid compensation. It is best if you do not try to join if you have a very busy schedule or are not particularly interested in hentai manga/doujinshi.

If you are interested in joining, drop by our IRC channel, #team_koinaka @ and we will interrogate you ask you some questions (note: Our IRC channel is severely understaffed, so if no one is around or responding, please come back again in a couple hours).

Otherwise, you can fill out and submit a form below. Please provide the following information:

If you are interested in joining, drop by our Discord server:

We will interrogate ask you some questions.

・The position you wish to apply for (translator, editor, QC/proofreader).
・Previous experience with the position or scanlating manga, if any.
・If you’re aiming to join as a translator, an estimate of your Japanese comprehension level. If you have a decent grasp of grammar and can look up kanji on your own, that’s good enough for us.
・Your availability online. It’s important that we can get in touch with you fairly often, so if you’re rarely able to go online, that could be an issue.
・If you arrived here from Tsumino/nhentai/e-hentai, let us know what content tags you prefer, and which you dislike. We will not turn you down if you like things that we don’t, but keep in mind that Team Koinaka is strictly a vanilla translation group so if you’re only into cheating and rape, you may want to try elsewhere.

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