Release: “Next Door’s Chinatsu-chan R 03” by Kuragamo (Tukinowagamo)

Part 1
Part 2

Here’s part 3… which actually takes place before and sets the stage for R 01. We learn how Chinatsu and Haru went from close friends as children to an awkward period of separation.

Translator: grey
Editor: Amalthea
Quality checkers: freudia, HayateK4L, lvl_0, Nero, RO

(C94) [Kuragamo (Tukinowagamo)] Tonari no Chinatsu-chan R 03 [English] [Team Koinaka]
(C94) [蔵鴨 (月ノ輪ガモ)] となりの千夏ちゃんR 03 [英訳]

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Release: “I’m in Love With Your Eyes!” by MARUTA

A quirky girl named Shizuka has taken an interest in her underclassman Mizoguchi, but with her graduation fast approaching, it seems unlikely they’ll take their relationship to a more intimate level.

The last chapter to MARUTA’s tankoubon “Amanojaku ga Koi wo Shite” (アマノジャクが恋をして).

Apologies to RedHot80 and Manny, who both requested this story. It took nearly three years, but I finally got around to it.

Translator: freudia
Editor: Nero
Quality checkers: EcchiNeko, Amalthea, Constipat8, Manchewable

[MARUTA] Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru! (Amanojaku ga Koi o Shite) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[MARUTA] キミの瞳に恋してる! (アマノジャクが恋をして) [英訳]

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Release: “Next Door’s Chinatsu-chan R 02” by Kuragamo (Tukinowagamo)

Part 1

Set shortly after the first part, this story opens with the unnamed main character waking up to a morning blowjob from Chinatsu, his neighbor/childhood friend-turned-lover.

Translator: grey
Editor: Amalthea
Quality checkers: Axalon, Constipat8, Crystalium, freudia, psychorhythm (from mangaichiscans)

(C93) [Kuragamo (Tukinowagamo)] Tonari no Chinatsu-chan R 02 [English] [Team Koinaka]
(C93) [蔵鴨 (月ノ輪ガモ)] となりの千夏ちゃんR 02 [英訳]

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Release: “Leave Me Alone!” by Abe Morioka

Sakae is indifferent about her future and school attendance, but her childhood friend-turned-teacher Hei adamantly tries to help her graduate and be on the right path. She comes up with a plan to get him to stop pestering her.

This is honestly one of the best stories I’ve read, and it hits all the right notes for me:
☑ Childhood friend
☑ Oral/69
☑ Defloration
☑ Anal
☑ Light femdom-ish elements
☑ Thick eyebrows
☑ Funny
☑ Romantic

The only reasons I didn’t work on it sooner was because I holding out for a tankoubon release (the censorship is unfortunately pretty bad), and the editing was nightmarish. I finally grew tired of waiting, so here you go. Hope you enjoy it!

Translator: freudia
Typesetter: HayateK4L
Cleaner/Redrawer: Manchewable
Quality checkers: Cadenza, Crystalium, psychorhythm (from mangaichiscans)

[Abe Morioka] Leave Me Alone! (COMIC AUN 2015-09) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[あべもりおか] り~ぶ•み~•あろ~ん! (COMIC 阿吽 2015年9月号) [英訳]

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Release: “Next Door’s Chinatsu-chan R” by Kuragamo (Tukinowagamo)

A guy’s parents are off on a trip, so he’s home alone. Well, not exactly. His neighbor and childhood friend Chinatsu comes to visit.

Translators: RtS, grey
Editor: Amalthea
Quality checkers: Cadenza, freudia, HayateK4L, psychorhythm (from mangaichiscans)

(C92) [Kuragamo (Tukinowagamo)] Tonari no Chinatsu-chan R [English] [Team Koinaka]
(C92) [蔵鴨 (月ノ輪ガモ)] となりの千夏ちゃんR [英訳]

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Release: “The Perfect Game” by Coelacanth

Tamase is the manager of the men’s basketball team. She has the bad habit of smelling the jersey of Takemoto, the team captain, after practice in the locker room, after everyone has left. But one day, Takemoto happens to catch her in the act. Yum, thick eyebrows.

I’m quite surprised and pleased to see a new story by Coelacanth in only three months, and it’s the first time the artist has been published in COMIC Megastore Alpha. Can we expect to see new stories regularly? I hope so!


Translator: freudia
Editor: Amalthea
Quality checkers: Cadenza, HayateK4L

[Coelacanth] Kanzenshiai (COMIC Megastore Alpha 2016-06) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[しーらかんす] 完全試合 (コミックメガストアα 2016年6月号) [英訳]

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Release: “Case File Of The Arasa Osteopathic Clinic” by Tomotsuka Haruomi

A big-boned man and a small woman cross paths.


Translator: Samwais
Cleaner: JBK
Typesetter: Palaxius
QC: JBK, Cadenza, J, Crystalium, freudia

[Tomotsuka Haruomi] Arasa Seikotsuin no Jikenbo (COMIC Tenma 2011-08) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[ともつか治臣] アラサ整骨院の事件簿 (COMIC 天魔 2011年8月号) [英訳]

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