Release: “Super Great Mini Demon Lord” by Maban

Akira and his twin sister Izuna are like night and day–Akira is tall, Izuna is short; Akira is passive and hesitant, Izuna is brave and assertive. On the outside, they don’t seem to get along very well, but they are secretly engaged in a sexual relationship. Things get shaken up when Akira receives an anonymous love letter. Story aside, Izuna has unusually colored hair.

Chapter 5 from Maban’s tankoubon “Hatsujou Lovers” (発情ラヴァーズ).


Translator: Crystalium
Editor: L412D0WZ
Quality checkers: Cadenza, Crystalium, HayateK4L

[Maban] Super Daimaou Mini (Hatsujou Lovers) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[まばん] スーパー大魔王ミニ (発情ラヴァーズ) [英訳]

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Release: “Natsudere” by Maban

A strong, independent, tomboyish woman (with a nice ponytail and tanlines) becomes more feminine after she receives the D from her weakling childhood friend.

Chapter eight from Maban’s tankoubon “Hatsujou Lovers” (発情ラヴァーズ); originally published in Comic Tenma 2011-07. We’ve previously translated chapter two from the same book.


Translator: Crystalium
Editor: yagamikisuke
Quality checkers: Kurosenai, Palaxius

[Maban] Natsudere (Hatsujou Lovers) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[まばん] ナツデレ (発情ラヴァーズ) [英訳]

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Release 022: “Summer-Colored Tsubame” by Maban

Tsubame-chan’s hairstyle is sexy.

Chapter 2 from Maban’s tankoubon, “Hatsujo Lovers”; originally published in COMIC Tenma 2013-09.


Translator: Crystalium
Typesetter: Palaxius
QC: Crystalium, freudia

[Maban] Natsuiro Tsubame [English] [Team Koinaka]
[まばん] 夏色つばめ [英訳]

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