Release: “Sassy-Sister Complex! 3.0” by Warabino Matsuri

Chapter 1
Chapter 2.2
Chapter 2.3


Miki’s graduation is coming up soon, so she ‘invites’ her bother for one last trip to the school grounds.

Translator: grey
Redrawer: freudia
Cleaner: Nero
Typesetter: Amalthea
Quality checkers: freudia, CellTF, The Joy

[Warabino Matsuri] Sassy-Sister Complex! 3.0 (COMIC ExE 19) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[蕨野まつり] Sassy-Sister Complex! 3.0 (コミック エグゼ 19) [英訳]

Download: mega
Read Online: ex | e-h | md

2 comments on “Release: “Sassy-Sister Complex! 3.0” by Warabino Matsuri

  1. And one can only conclude from the last page that Little Brother never got any “sexy-happy-fun-time” with his kogal, horny onee-san, ever again … or at least until the artist gives us Chapter 3.x

    Seems Legit.

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