News: Sadpanda is Kill (Update) (Updated Again)

Unfortunately, this is neither a prank nor joke. As broken by Maximum Joe, one of the admins/mods (and elaborated on in 4chan’s /h/ board), now’s the time to backup stuff because the fjorded material (e.g. lolicon manga/doujinshi) located on exhentai will be going down in approximately 12 hours, and the site as a whole will have the plug pulled within six months.

Obviously, this is majorly bad news for eromanga/doujinshi scanlators like ourselves, and we’ll have to think about how to operate in a post-e-hentai future. But for now, the most important thing is to save any exclusive material located on exhentai while it’s still possible to.

Update: Exhentai has been dead as of around 4 am EDT 2019 July 26. Tenboro made a statement in the EH forums that indicates that EH will still continue operations until at least the end of 2020, so the sky hasn’t completely fallen yet.

As for us, there’s a ton of dead links to deal with on the website, so bear with us. Edit: They’ve been taken care.

Update 2: As of about 4 am EDT 2019 August 2, EX has become accessible again. Details are scarce beyond edits to Tenboro’s forum post from a week ago, but it seems that EH admins have been hard at work on getting EX back up, and for now it’s a success. Crisis averted folks, but stay cautious.

6 comments on “News: Sadpanda is Kill (Update) (Updated Again)

  1. Its times like this i’m glad i keep a list of scanlators and tagged collections. Lets pray for a passing of the reins or for atlas to lift the combined girth of anons dicks.

    • Yeah. Fingers crossed that everyone will be able to find a new place to settle down, but things aren’t looking good for loli/shota stuff. Even if people aren’t personally into it, there’s the issue of collateral damage like magazine issues that contain one or two chapters of that stuff—where will they go? Tough times are ahead.

  2. The painful part is that it was so sudden that even with the collective work of many anons, the community made backup will be a sad shadow of the panda.

  3. My cum-puter never liked sadpanda I can get on it elsewheres but not on my main system for some reason I could never work out. So I just go to maybe there? I used to go to but nowadays they have turned into popup central.

    • nhentai is just an e-hentai mirror; they don’t have user uploads. If e-hentai dies, then they lose their source of content.

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