Release: “Bold Reconciliation” by Hanafuda Sakurano

Honomi and Kaito had a bit of a fall out due to an event (also referenced in Jealous Heart)–Karin helps patch their relationship together.

Chapter 5 of Hanafuda Sakurano’s tankoubon “Yui Koi” (結恋-ユイコイ-); originally published in COMIC Potpourri Club 2014-08.

This is the final chapter of the book–we’ve completed an entire tankoubon, a first for us!


Translator: freudia
Editor: Manchewable
Quality checkers: Cadenza, HayateK4L

[Hanafuda Sakurano] Daitan Nakanaori (Yui Koi) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[花札さくらの] だいたん仲直り (結恋-ユイコイ-) [英訳]

[Hanafuda Sakurano] Daitan Nakanaori Arekara (Yui Koi) [English] [Team Koinaka]
[花札さくらの] だいたん仲直り あれから (結恋-ユイコイ-) [英訳]

Download: mega (batch-tankoubon) | mega (Ch. 5 + after story)
Read Online: ex | g.e

7 comments on “Release: “Bold Reconciliation” by Hanafuda Sakurano

    • Haha, thanks!

      It’s kind of sad it took us this long to finish one, but our guidelines are pretty strict so we usually work on just a few chapters instead of an entire book.

      • Well, in your defense, its hard to find an entirely vanilla tankoubon and the godlike ones are often translated already.

        I’m just the opposite, I only aim for complete tanks (mostly incomplete by other scanlators :c ) and there is always ‘that’ uncomfortable chapter to do, welp, しょうがない…

  1. Congrats in the first full tank from Team Koinaka. Hope you guys do this more times.

    Is sad to see only a few chaps for tank are translated. Is like “this artist is great, hope to see the rest of the tank” and … “men when somebody will translate the rest.
    But i understand, is your guidelines.

    I would be good to have more translators like Rin, finishing the tanks left unfinished by you guys.

    Anyway Good Work Team Koinaka

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